Why Are iPhones So Successful?

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Developed in 2005 and launched in mid-2007 by Apple, the iPhone not only hit the market but swept its feet through its unique features and jaw-dropping performance.

A user interface phone that bridges the gap of technological limitations with high-end quality was dubbed smartphone due to its performance.

The wireless cell phone, earlier used only to access phone numbers to make or receive calls, has now become an all-in-one purpose server. From business to entertainment, from communication to sharing videos or pictures everything is and can be done by a gadget that fits our palm.

Though the market today is booming with so many phones that are user-friendly, there are several features that make the iPhone stand apart.

Its larger storage capacity of gigabytes dependent on the user’s need, megabytes of memory storage, single or dual or tri-band cellular connectivity, voice control, USB ports, HD megapixel cameras, aluminosilicate body made to resist water, heat, and shock and retain beautiful design and appealing colors, touch screen with horizontal or vertical swipes on its LCD display for user-centered interactive effects, broadband connectivity access and support to upload or download not only user-desired apps but also movies.

All iPhones have a built-in, rechargeable, non-removable lithium-ion polymer battery, which means longer battery life and less recharge time. The CPU core ranges from 1GHz to several MHz and is compatible to work with various operating systems.

This new generation phone has free as well as paid access to applications that support customer-oriented amenities like GPS, games, entertainment, Wi-Fi, social networking, caller identify through phone numbers, search engines , mobile marketing, bill payment, confidential data storage, location awareness, voice identification, and so on.

When there is a gadget that provides all these features to concise the load of our everyday work then why wouldn’t the iPhone be the hot cake of the market? Several generations of iPhones have been marketed so far, with iPhone 4S being its recent one, but the best part of technology is “it never rests:” there is always a desperation for a more newer and better version in everything and iPhone though is at its best, is still being converged into refinement.

After all there is always room for improvement and grab the attention of the user. To handle an iPhone is easy, hassle-free and doesn’t require expertise, and if in doubt there is always customer care service number that provides assistance of any type to make things simpler and amiable.

Article written By Mike, Catch me @thetechlegend


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