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Smartphones are the most demanding phones in the present era. They are of huge usage by many people irrespective of their ages. This great interest towards them is because of many impressive characteristics and unique awe inspiring games. There are many games that are going to be launched soon and are awaited by smartphone users worldwide. For more information you can contact Customer service number. Some of the excited games coming soon are

Dark Knight Rises

This is one of the most exciting games being launched soon on smartphones. It has the theme of Batman who rescues people when they are in some trouble. This game comes with exciting features of the Batman adventures that would be well appreciated by the game lovers. The trailer has a great impact on the public and the app is tough to do as well as the film.



This is a game that follows a theme, the player needs to lead a character and fight with genetically amplified humanoids to complete levels. This game will be supported by smartphones using Tegra 2 super chip. There are many exciting features hidden within the game.


Bang Bang racing

This game is proposed by Playbox to extend their gaming features to smartphones. It will be supported by smartphones by Tegra 2. The game goes with a theme where the gamer needs to burn the track with their amazing racing style. It has a high definition view with all dynamic features required.


The Amazing Spider- man

Gameloft has proposed a series that creates liveliness in gaming for which the Amazing Spider-man was introduced. The game is completely in a 3D view following a theme where the player can swing all over the city in a process to rescue the people and fight against the enemies.



®    Riptide GP

This is the first of the water games with upgraded features for smartphones. It was proposed by Vector Unit who introduces new hydro-games for the Xbox360. This game has incredible features such as graphics and design. It is more imposing with the reaction of the water for every move of the player.

Ice Age Village

This is another amazing game that has been introduced by Gameloft. The theme of the game follows in experiencing the new adventures, challenges and missions that have to be completed. It provides a feature where the player can connect with their friends and play the game together.

These are some of the wonderful games that make the gaming experience more exciting and breath-taking. They keep the gamer entertained and encourage innovative logical thinking.

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