Some New Tablets To Look Forward To For The Rest of 2012

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With Apple constantly rolling out new versions of the iPad, and other companies striving to battle out the market share, there is little surprise that it all can be difficult to keep track of.

2012 alone has been greeted with highly anticipated tablet devices – most notably Google’s Nexus 7, in which comparisons to the iPad seemed to have fired off immediately.

There are other tablets, though, that are expected to enter the market for the second half of the year, and while not all of them will be covered here, you will be provided with a fresh insight in what to expect if you have been exhausted by the iPad presence. Personally, it’s hard to determine what is going to flourish and what won’t.

1. HTC Android 4.1

Despite the numerous output of smartphones that the Taiwanese company HTC has put out the past few years, they have been reluctant to stay in the tablet game. The reason for this is probably the failed Flyer tablet that was released in May 2011 in United Kingdom. The actual tablet itself was well-received, but the price was not. Since then, they stayed away.

But now it looks like HTC is coming back and ready to try again in the UK, possibly with the Android 4.1 OS. Other than HTC’s announcement about the tablet, little else is known. How they will learn from their overpricing mistake with the Flyer will be interesting to observe, especially when going up against the Nexus 7 and whatever three new versions iPad comes out before 2013 (not saying there is – I just can’t keep up with Apple 🙂 ).

2. Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 and LifeBook T902

Clearly price doesn’t seem to be a concerning factor for the new Fujitsu tablets expected to come out in Q3 this year. The hybrid Stylistic Q702 has some astounding features, but at the $1,099 price, its popularity is left to be in question. According to Tom’s Hardware, the Q702 will have a multi-touch display, 4 gigs of DDR3 memory, 11.6” HD display, Intel HD Graphics 4000, and a whole list of others. There will also be an optional keyboard docking station to provide expansion ports.

The LifeBook T902, expected to be priced at $1,899, will bear the resemblance of a tablet-like PC. With features like Ivy Bridge Core i5/i7 and 16 gig DDR3-1600 RAM, and a keyboard that is spill resistant, the LifeBook T902 has some monster qualities. Much like the Stylistic Q702, the T902 will come with a docking station that will allow it to function as a slate from a tablet. Both new offerings are expected to be released on Windows 7 OS.

3. HP and Dell Windows Runtime Tablets

In a common trend of companies jumping on the RT tablet train, HP and Dell are believed to be looking into it as well, although some sources are saying the HP rumors are not as strong. They have once confirmed about not looking into RT tablets once, but the sources are jumping around on the validity of that. However, Dell is a different story. Though little is still known, the guys over at Ubergizmo say that the Dell RT tablet might be running off of Qualcomm processors. If anything, expect more information to be coming up as Q4 approaches, as that is when some unveiling is expected to take place.

4. Archos 97 Carbon

This announcement came just last week from Archos, with the Android 4.0-based 97 Carbon expected to be released at the end of the month. At a comparatively friendlier price ($250) than some of the other tablets mentioned above, the 9.7” display looks to be the same size of the iPad. Tablet News says that some of the things to expect from the 97 Carbon are an HDMI port, 2 speakers, 4:3 format, and at 620 grams and 11.5 mm thickness, portability will be key. Many other features come with this, and you are encouraged to check them out.

With the speed that companies are pushing out tablets, others are more than likely in talks already, so keep on the lookout for new announcements and offerings before the end of 2012. While the iPad and now Nexus 7 will probably have the stronghold, the other offerings are promising with their highly-comparable features.

About the Author: Mike is a blogger and also all types of geek who enjoys keeping up (or tries to keep up) with the numerous offerings in tech today. On top of this, he makes contributions to ZME Music, DX3,  and others.

What upcoming tablet releases are you most looking forward to?


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