5 Ways Technology Influences Education of Today’s Generation

Education and technology are the two aspects of this modern society that go hand in hand with one another. Education boost the growth of technology and technology, on the other way helps to educate the generation in a better way. For instance, the Education Tech Series from Dell offers you trends, perspectives and stories inspiring tech solutions to achieve more. Education devoid of technology will be like carrying out the medical profession without the aid of technology.

Gone are the days when your education involved only text-based learning. Now, teachers expand the sphere beyond this linear learning and try to engage children in other ways to make the learning process a better one. From computer classes to versatile learning tools everything has changed the very concept
of learning.

Take a look at the following areas where technology has proved its potential in improving the education process.

A) Global Learning

Sites such as Glovico.org offer the students a chance to have lessons on diverse language right from some native speaker residing in some other nation. Exposure to other cultures, learning via social interaction and learning from the native speakers propagates education advantages that can only be achieved by travelling. Now, with language exchange setup and video conferencing learning languages has become pretty easy.

B) Better Models and Stimulations

By tuning fork you can perfectly demonstrate the vibration of sound but demonstration of evolution, behavior of molecules or the reason why a particular chemical mixture is hazardous is not that essay. This is where the digital models and stimulations assist the teachers in explaining hard concepts and processes, no matter whether they are too small or too big and too slow or too fast.

Certain software technologies are developed for explaining evolution through a virtual greenhouse, for understanding physics through a model house and for knowing how matter and electrons interact.

C) Ebooks

Students are now more inclined to switch onto digital books rather than paper texts. Launching of the electronic textbooks acts as a boosting to this inclination of the students. In this context, ebooks have significant potential in innovating the educational procedure. Now, you no need to carry several textbooks to have the pleasure of reading; everything is there on your iPad…Isn’t this a great advantage?

D) Multimedia and Storytelling

Learning through multimedia is an exceptional form so far as project-based learning is concerned. This learning method is a wonderful way of motivating students for teamwork and also for creating something which they can share with their peer group. No longer written words or spoken language make the decision of the people. All the decision-making tasks these days are influenced by multimedia.

E) Epistemic Games

It is not just a game, it entrusts children with the role of an engineer, journalist or a planner who is asked to provide solution for real problems. This game-like stimulations help the young generation in learning some important concepts. You will find that in a game you are a high-powered negotiator and in another you are a graphical artist.

Hence, technological developments have completely redefined education. Which technology suits the best? Check it out.

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