How to Copy Your Favorites Or Bookmarks Between Different Browsers

What happens when an internet user wants to copy his or her favorites or bookmarks from one browser to another? A novice might find this process rather confusing.

Say, for example, a person wants to transfer the entire list of bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Some sort of bookmark converter app is required that can easily carry out the copy process from one browser to another. There are similar type of software tools available that can easily copy the Bookmarks or Favorites from browser to another. Let’s have a look at some such effective software tools.

1) Xmarks

This browser extension works with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox and was previously known as Foxmarks. It allows the user to synchronize bookmarks from different locations without going though complicated procedures. During earlier days, it was used only for Firefox browsers. But presently, it also acts as an extension to IE and Safari.

Once the Xmarks extension is installed, there will be visible some new icons close to the Google Search tab. It also includes “sync the saved password” option. This allows the user to save passwords in the home browser and then share them to any other browser with the Xmarks extension installed.

2) Mozilla Weave

This option has only browser extension with Firefox. It is a much awaited project from the house of Mozilla Firefox. Also, it is not only about saving bookmarks online, as Weave helps the user provide a total browser experience while interchanging information between two computers with ease.

As it saves a whole lot of info online, the user can easily access the browsing history as well tabs along with passwords and bookmarks when roaming to different Firefox installation. Because of such an easy approach, browsing the net becomes simply easier. Weave is seriously one very useful tool. However, it requires Firefox version of 3.5 or above to get installed.

3) Delicious

It uses browser extensions from Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This is probably the most effective bookmark converter tool available presently. Delicious has been around for quite some time but never experienced negative impacts from the users.

It has always been the most convenient options store, transport, and share bookmarks from one browser to another. Delicious even allows the user to tag the Bookmarks with suitable keywords. This process helps in easy searching of the bookmarks based according to tags. Through the website, user can easily search the tags on which the bookmarks are carried out.

There are so many other software tools available for transfer and copying of bookmark from one web browser to another. But the only thing to keep in mind is: How convenient the software or plugin will be? What will be the end results? Also, the time factor definitely plays crucial part in the entire process. Software tools will simple user interface and less complicated features always face with positive response from the users. The above three mentioned plug-ins is less complicated in features and easy to use.

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