LinkedIn: Effective Group Management Tips

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect your business with other businesses or promote your own services or causes. Of late, LinkedIn Groups are becoming increasingly popular as businesses are finding out and making use of their true potential. There is not much information given on LinkedIn Groups on the Web or other articles. So I have put together a guide with useful instructions and helpful tips for community managers who have just signed up with LinkedIn and important pointers for the experienced community managers. Here is a basic guide to know what LinkedIn Groups are all about, and how to nurture your LinkedIn group active.


  • Promoting a LinkedIn group is and can be done by itself when it is shared with other LinkedIn networks. Encourage other LinkedIn group users to do the same.
  • Using other social media sites or related media sites to post your LinkedIn Group URL for encouraging fast growth.
  • Use individual badges on each website link for all users in a LinkedIn Group.
  • With authorization from other group members, post comments about your LinkedIn group members, about feature updates using other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • It is important to use LinkedIn ads and other social media networks ads to promote your LinkedIn group.


  • Always remember, it is not just about you, rather, it is about the group or community, so participate as a group to further develop services and get results.
  • As more members join your group and the group is steadily expanding, use options like online chat, webinars and schedule online meetings to communicate and connect with members of your group.
  • The goal is to setup a reliable source for your group, so try and read as many posts or listen to as many discussions and see if there are any new features that can be added to your LinkedIn group.
  • While developing a LinkedIn group it is important to make sure discussions are happening on a regular basis. In case you find discussions are lagging or slowing down, initiate new discussions. These posts should have topics that are open ended so that they encourage discussions.
  • Have regular brainstorming sessions with key members of your LinkedIn group to implement new ideas for the group.
  • Always acknowledge a group member when he or she has done a useful contribution for the group.


  • Whenever a new feature is added to your LinkedIn group, share this information with other members in your LinkedIn group.
  • Find ways to showcase special talents of other team members, to make connections and to suggest appropriate connections between users whenever needed.
  • Make time to explain new features and their uses in LinkedIn to your group to make use of these features for the group’s advantage.


  • Always be an active manager and approve every registration with a welcome note and all these registrations have to be approved manually.
  • Share with new members of the group on how to get in touch with senior members and how to use LinkedIn groups to their benefit.
  • Look up other social media websites for potential and likely members to join your LinkedIn Groups, send out invitations using in-mail.

These are just a few helpful pointers and instructions for Effective Group Management.

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