Smartphone Thermometer Coming Soon

Today’s generation of phones is undeniably fascinating – great cameras, ultra-sharp displays and fast speed performances to name a few. Can anyone think of other relevant phone features? Do you know that smartphone’s next big thing will be the launching of an infrared sensor equipped device? This will no doubt become a phenomenal breakthrough once released – better than what spyware for cell phones achieved.

Inventor Jacob Fradenhas patented the smartphone thermometer. He is looking forward to equip phones with infrared sensors, which is an invisible spectrum composed of compressed radiation.

Once these infrared sensors are incorporated into smartphones and deactivated by specialised software, taking children’s temperature will be easier – just like scanning a barcode in department stores. Taking a sick baby’s temperature will be accomplished in less than a second. No more controlling, forcing or pinning an uncooperative child. Measuring and reading the temperature will not be difficult anymore because the procedure will not anymore trigger the child to struggle.

Multi-purpose Device in the Making

Taking temperatures using infrared sensors on smartphones will not be limited to humans.  They can be used to monitor ovens, stoves or bathtubs and they will also perfect for pets that can be more difficult than taking a child’s body temperature. This will surely be very useful for pet lovers to own once the product is made available.

The small infrared lens will be placed near the smartphone’s camera without too much noticeable extension. Jacob Fraden cited that the technicalities of the assembled sample were precise and had passed the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. He also added that the manufacturing cost would potentially increase. Fortunately, Jacob Fraden had formulated an exceptional idea to keep the costs down which will basically remain a trade secret.

In a wider perspective, we can expect other applications of infrared sensors in smartphones once the hardware is already built-into the phone itself. For sure, this development will challenge the capabilities of smartphone manufacturers to add in more functions using the infrared sensors. Who knows if sooner or later, we can already detect gas leaks andtighten home security just by using infrared tripwires from our phones or it would be exciting being able to test alcohol consumption if we can turn our smartphones into breath analysers.

More Time Needed to Make this a Value for Money Invention

Fraden’s thermometer patent will not guarantee that the intended product will be released to the market soon. Despite the fact that Apple already hadthe infrared smartphone patent that allows IR add-ons that can be purchased from third party suppliers.  Developers are considering other costs of this patented technology. The existing 5mm wide and 5 mm deep sensor will take a substantial amount of space internally that is too precious. Fraden indicated that the infrared poweredthermometer will need to be fitted sufficiently to be ableto complete the hardware. Miscalculations can deteriorate the standard of the feature and will surely increment manufacturing defects. So, there are more fixtures to be studied before launching of this device is prioritised.

The findings made Jacob Fraden’s patented smartphone thermometer invention still immaterial for the developers at the present time. It is however predicted that this is something they can go back to when smartphones’ popularity decreases. Recalling and licensing his innovative invention will then be easier when the need for an exceptional upgrade arises to put smartphones back on track.

Debate over Price versus Functionality Can Happen

New parents, pet lovers and many others are surely contemplating that they are willing to pay the price for the ease that the device can offer for a little child and lovable pet when they are not well. Unfortunately, most marketers believe in the value-for-money concept that is proven to make a business successful. This is not like a spyware for cell phonesthat can be configured without space requirement for the hardware. So, it will be wise to just wait and see.

About the author: Mackenzie Salis is a professional writer for 3 years and a tech enthusiast advocating for technology awareness through online settings. She is proficient at finance, technology and business field. She is the author of the site: Netspy Software where you can get more valuable information about spyware for cell phones.


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    This was a substantive and very interesting article. It should be noted that the measurement of surface and ambient temperature, such as Fraden’s patent accomplishes, would be a great boon in the construction industry for process such as spray foam insulation, sealants, paint, and pouring concrete, particularly where cold or hot weather procedures must be implemented.. Interestingly, I am told that the Google-held patent mentioned does not cover the infrared range needed for sensing temperature, so the two patents for sensor technology are quite different from each other.

    Before long, I envision that the construction field inspector or installer will be able to record the necessary temperatures and at the same time document the time of day, photograph the relevant condition, get a GPS reading and send an email including all this information, compiled on his/her smart phone, as one document of record. This should represent a tremendous saving of time, effort, and lessen or totally eliminate the need for costly legal procedures due to construction failures from incorrect temperature at the time of installation. Such technology should be a tremendous boon to contractors, installers, manufacturers, architects and engineers. Once available, I will be among the first purchasers and this emailed recording procedure, with a suggestion that this new smart phone technology be applied, will be among my requirements on all construction projects with which I am involved.

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