Three High-Speed Cisco Routers for Mobile Wireless Operations

Network administrators are well familiar with Cisco. It has the widest range of products that fully support company-wide deployment of high speed, efficient and time critical commercial applications. Cisco routers are best option for integrated wireless, fast data transfer, superior quality of service and in-time availability.

Most of the network administrators are puzzled by the wide range of routers available in the market and therefore can’t make a quality decision. To aid them in their decision, here is a list of Cisco’s mobile internet routers compared.

1. Cisco 5900 Series

These intelligent routers ensure smooth mobile network operations and can be deployed in demanding environments. They perform excellently in harsh weather conditions and are light weight as well as energy efficient.

Their performance and reliability are further enhanced by the Cisco’s Mobile Ready Net technology and the reliable IOS software. They ensure highest level of security (voice, video and data). You can safely communicate with network nodes (mobile & stationary) through wireless as well as wired channels.

Security features:

The built-in VPN encryption technology is a powerful combination of high-tech features including Identity management, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting), Content Filtering and Zone Based Firewall.

It is the best device for defense and transportation industry such as freight rail trains, passenger vehicles, mining vehicles, armored vehicles etc. They provide a solid platform that can be easily customized and also allows seamless scalability.

Network optimization features:

This router is well-equipped with the Cisco’s innovative WAAS (Wide Area Application Services), IP Multiplexing and other smart Radio Aware Routing, Mobile Ad Hoc networking and SAF (Service Advertisement Framework) functionalities.


Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router (ESR) & Cisco 5940 Embedded Services Router (ESR).

Cisco-5915 router supports 48, whereas the Cisco-5940 router can accommodate 150 CME devices.

2.Cisco MWR 2900 Series

Its cell-site access gateways have been carefully engineered to support RAN (Radio Access Network). Most importantly, the RAN Backhaul cost is also reduced.  They support the widest range of transport networks including E-1, T-1, IP, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and Carrier Ethernet.

Key Services:

The customers can optimize performance by taking advantage of IP points of presence, RAN transport over IP and RAN backhaul. In addition, it also offers Cell-site operation networks.

High performance features:

These routers are the most reliable option for the WiMAX networks, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service), CDMA and GSM (Global System for Mobile). They provide a solid and high-speed platform for demanding network services and RAN transport. Moreover, the data call density is significantly enhanced and the performance of UMTS HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) and GSM GPRS is also maximized.

3.Cisco MWR 1900 Series

It allows you to incorporate wide range of IP-based services, radio technologies (HSDPA/UMTS), mobile services and data networks.

Connectivity options:

You can deploy virtualization and get connected to the GE, 3G, xDSL, T-1/E-1 and may other wireless and wired network systems.It maximizes the performance of cell site operations through its energy monitoring technologies, Gigabit Ethernet switching and multi-core CPUs.

Investment is secured:

The previous ISR modules are supported by 1900 series routers. So you can improve the network agility in high speed WAN environments.

About the author: Steven Bryant, marketing manager, writes about all types of technologies from disk solutions to the industry leading lto3 tape and Cisco Routers. You can follow us on twitter @ JMcIntosh2


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