Simplify Your Life One Device At a Time: BlackBerry Z10

Today, many of us are busier than ever before. This trend is affecting a wide variety of people, and one such groups is moms. In fact, the number of “mompreneurs” is on the rise at an unprecedented rate of 110 percent, according to Europe’s biggest online business marketplace,

If you’re one of these busy folks, you’ve probably already got your hands full and are in need of resources that will simplify your life. The new BlackBerry Z10 is good for this. Between BlackBerry’s new BYOD platform and a wide range of useful apps, you can share documents, network and keep up with the latest business trends all from the convenience of a single mobile device.

Getting to Know You

As BlackBerry’s first smartphone, the Z10 has a variety of handy shortcuts, as points out:

  • Keyboard. The virtual keyboard comes loaded with special characters. Simply hold down the letter associated with the special character you want and a menu with special characters will appear. Slide your finger to the desired character to highlight and select.
  • Key combos. The phone is preprogrammed with a selection of preset keyboard shortcuts. For example, typing “LT” and then tapping the space bar will show you the local time and “myver” will show you what BlackBerry OS version you are running. The best part about this feature is you can program your own shortcuts to fit your needs.
  • Quick camera access. When you need to capture the moment without delay, you can access your camera from the lock screen. There’s a camera icon in the bottom right corner and all you need to do is hold it down for a second or two to launch the camera app.
  • Multiple access options. According to Blackberry’s UK site, BlackBerry BYOD basics include multiple ways to access your information so you can choose what’s most efficient and convenient for you. The BlackBerry Hub is the command center of the phone and Hub controls can be accessed either by tapping the Menu button on the bottom right of your Hub screen or by using the date bars in your inbox stream.

There’s an App for That

The selection of available apps for the BlackBerry covers everything from cloud sharing and remote desktops to social networking and language translators, as Cio highlights:

  • Box. Box is the BlackBerry’s free cloud storage app, which uses BlackBerry 10 File Manager to browse, export, view and save files. Box also allows you to automatically upload photos and videos taken with your BlackBerry 10.
  • Splashtop HD Remote Desktop HD. This native app seems to work better with PCs than with Macs. However, if you need to access your desktop any and place, this app is a smart options, especially for streaming audio and video from your desktop computer to your BlackBerry.
  • LinkedIn. Also a native app, the BlackBerry version of LinkedIn has a fluid user interface and contains most of the basic features such as your profile page, home page stream, inbox, groups, search, recommendations and the ability to post updates.
  • FancyTran. It might not be a Star Trek-style universal translator, but it’s darned close. This free translator is powered by Google and Bing translation engines, and works with over 60 languages. You can also get pronunciations for over 50 languages.
  • CB 10. This app is a must-have for serious BlackBerry users. This native app delivers all the news, advice, apps and reviews from, one of the web’s most popular resources for all things BlackBerry.


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