The Best Social Network Apps for Android

There are all different types of social networks that you can download if you’re an Android mobile user. On the other hand, if you’re a developer of mobile apps, and you’re looking for a way to monetize your app and maximize your earning potential, a leading mobile and social ad network, such as, can be very useful to you.

How the process works is very simple.  There are no incentivized offers or flashy banner ads. For instance, if you’re a mobile games developer, you can integrate Appnext’s in-game tool. All of the ads included in your game will be related to Facebook games and apps. These advertisements are optimized to obtain the greatest CTR.

That being said, if you’re an app user and not a developer, and you want to know what some of the best social network applications are for Android, the following is a list of popular apps available.

Plume – This is a Twitter client that’s extremely customizable. It allows users to hide certain tweeter/topics, color code contacts and much more.

HootSuite – Conveniently access both your Twitter and Facebook accounts with this all-in-one app. It’s a popular choice among business users.

Pinterest – A useful social network app that lets you share your interesting photos and create theme-based image collections. You can also view the pinboards of other members.

eBuddy – This is a cross-platform client for Yahoo!, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Facebook, and more.

Flipboard – This interesting social media app displays all of your social media accounts in a magazine-like format. Receive updates from as many as 12 social networks.

Badoo – A unique dating social networking app, Badoo isn’t only designed for socializing online. It can help users find and connect with local people.

Seesmic – This is a social networking tool that lets users manage multiple social network accounts at one time. It is a well-designed app that has gained a lot of popularity among users who believe it is the best method for integrating Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Facebook Messenger – This is an add-on for facebook users. It lets them chat with their friends while they use other applications. Some mobile devices even allow you to integrate Facebook and SMS conversations with this app.

UberSocial – Previously known as Twidroyd, this is a Twitter client that is equipped with all sorts of features Twitter users with find useful. You can enjoy a customizable menu, the ability to post to Facebook, and can prioritize tweets from your favorite users. In addition to other functions, this app also enables you to write tweets that exceed the 140 character limit.

These are just some of the many social media network apps for Android that can help keep you up-to-date when you are on the go.

About the author: Eddie Brown is a software developer for iseotraffic, a company specializing in software and web application development. He enjoys writing in his free time. Stay in touch with Eddie by connecting him on linkedin Here he writes on  Appnext social how it works and other related information.


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