Top 10 iPhone & iPad Apps for Web Designers

ipadAs a web designer, you are more used to working on applications in your Desktop than any other device. However, now there are many smart applications that can be installed in your iPhone or iPad through which you can quickly and easily carry out different types of activities such as photo editing, finding a font, adding copyright protection and much more.  Here is a look at the top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps for Web Designers:

1. Marksta –   When you do creative work on your images, it is important to protect them so that no one copies or uses your work. Marksta helps you to copyright protect your work.  Use it to place a logo or watermark over every image. Additionally you can also place a message and metadata with it that users can use to show the original source of the work. Its costs$1.99

2. What The Font – As a designer you are bound to be working with a lot of fonts. If you find a particular font attractive and it’s placed in a poster, but you can’t figure out what it is, let this cool application do the job for you. It’s easy to use, free and will easily find out the name of the font that you want or find a font that closely resembles it.

3. Air Display – This is one tool that most designers would find really handy. When working on a large size image project, the image will take up the entire screen. You can’t really have controls and pull down menus up as they will not give you a good view. Air Display will turn your iPad or iPhone device into an area where all these controls can be placed. It also allows you to rotate the device in the direction that offers the best view. It costs $9.99 US.

4. Gusto – When you need to edit coding quickly but there is no laptop around, implement this application in your iPhone or iPad to do such modifications. It displays images of various web pages, thus enabling you to easily select the one that you want to edit. You can use it to edit text and source code and it can highlight syntax for commonly used languages like Python, HTML, Java and C++.  It costs $9.99.

5. Handy Photo – This application is a suitable for those working constantly with images. It offers a variety of editing and photo enhancement tools through which you can easily produce the image that you want using your iPad or iPhone. It’s as handy as its name suggests and it lets you get really creative on your images with its many controls and features.

6. Loop – This is a drawing application through which you can quickly produce short, hand-drawn animation. Unleash your creative instincts and let the ideas flow with this drawing application. Tell the story that you want with it easy drawing features and sell your ideas fast.  It costs $0.99.

7. Foldify – This application is quite innovative because it assists you in creating 3D images and paper craft figures with just you iPad. It’s got a lot of pictures and images that you can use and modify to get their results that you want. After the image has been created it can be printed wirelessly using AirPrint so that you can share it with others.

8. Blux Camera Pro – The best images are the ones that you capture while on the go. If something inspires you and you want to take a shot of it with your iPad, this application will make necessary modifications right at the time of image capture by including contrast, sharpness, brightness etc. As iPhone image capture is not attractive, this application enables you to create better quality photos for using and sharing. Its cost is $2.99.

9. Adobe Collage – When you want to put together different images on a board and let you creativity flow out, this application is what you need. Get various images together from a camera or a creative cloud and explore them with this cool application. It costs $9.99.

10. NightMode – Night photos are really fabulous particularly when you want to capture images of city highlights. With this application you can easily capture such images, without using a flash. It costs 1.99 US

These applications are easy to use and they do not cost much. By installing them in your iPhone or iPad you have the flexibility to do important activities when they are needed urgently or while on the go.

About the author: Nitin Soni is a Software Developer at Cygnet-Infotech, a offshore software & web application development company. For any query or suggestion stay touch with me on Twitter @MkNitin


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