The Psychology Of The Gold iPhone

Have you gotten your new gold iPhone yet? Chances are high that you haven’t. While a lot of people really want this latest iPhone – the best of the best – there are a few reasons everyone has not been able to get one, at least right away.

As time goes on more and more people will get the gold iPhone, but by the time it becomes commonplace, Apple will have the next latest and greatest mobile device in stores – maybe a platinum iPhone?

Supply and Demand

If there’s one thing that Apple knows really well, it’s the connection between supply and demand. While they may not try to keep supplies low intentionally, when products like the iPhone 5 S is hard to come by, it makes it even more valuable and desirable to most people. This works out for Apple well because they can charge high prices for the rare phone.

Here’s a look at some other specific reasons that people really want the gold iPhone more than the others.

  • Exclusivity – One of the things that really makes the gold iPhone desirable is that it’s rather exclusive. It’s harder to get one for at least a couple reasons. For one, it’s more expensive. Also, it’s not easy to come by because the ones that were available sold out quickly.

  • Status – Another reason people desire the gold iPhone 5 S is because it’s almost a status symbol. If you pull one out and use it, people are going to look at you slightly differently. And some people like this – a lot. It’s somewhat sad that a mobile device means more than a person’s reputation in the modern world, but it’s a fact of life for most people.

  • Quality – While the gold iPhone probably doesn’t perform that much better than the other iPhones, the perception of higher quality is there for a lot of reasons. Whether it’s the addition of the letter S to the name or the fact it’s covered in gold, people think that it’s higher quality than other Apple product – and that makes it more desirable. Some people will pay more just to say they have “the best available” even if it isn’t necessarily the best product.

It’s pretty crazy that one of the most popular mobile phones in the entire world is sought after so much. Apple has made it all a little more interesting by adding the new colors – like white and gold – to their color palette. What do you think? Do you think the gold iPhone is a must-have item or could you do without it? What’s really behind the psychology of the gold iPhone? Leave your thoughts below and let us know what you think.

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