Going Into Teaching? 5 Resources To Become Familiar With In College

Going Into Teaching- 5 Resources To Become Familiar With In CollegeFor many, college is the best time to establish good work habits. It’s also a good time to familiarize oneself with resources that will come in handy in the professional realm. Educators in particular often have a hard time finding the right tools for simplifying their lives. If you plan on going into teaching, the following resources will serve you well.

iSeek Education

Finding the most relevant educational resources for any given subject, course or group of students is oftentimes a grueling chore for teachers. That’s why search engines like iSeek Education are so important. This site allows users to find everything from worksheets for Spanish teachers to free educational videos from a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial publishers.

Library of Congress

As one of the preeminent sources of primary documents in the nation, the Library of Congress is a no-brainer. They’ve made it especially easy for teachers to capitalize on their massive volume of material with a dedicated Teachers portal that provides easy access to more than 10 million books, photographs, audio files and multimedia presentations.


For many teachers, the toughest part of the job is devising a curriculum that’s appropriate for any given group of students. Curriki is a collaboration tool that enables educators to craft the perfect course using input from students, parents and their own colleagues. It’s easily one of the most versatile and user-friendly collaboration programs on the market. This can help tailor a perfect learning plan for any student and be about to cater to the students needs. Being about to acknowledge weaknesses and find a game plan to master them is a huge benefit of this resource.


If you’re looking for an all-purpose lesson plan database, Thinkfinity is an indispensable resource. It offers everything from class activities for math students to digital language lab software. Thanks to support from organizations such as the National Geographic Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it’s one of the most thorough compendiums of educational material in existence.


These days, course management systems are a godsend for busy teachers that are trying to put together extremely productive and rewarding classes for their students. Moodle is a flexible and comprehensive CMS that makes the administration of online courses a breeze. From accepting project submissions and publishing grades to providing one-on-one mentoring, Moodle lets forward-thinking teachers do it all without a lot of hassle or overhead.

The resources profiled here are a good start for future educators of all stripes. However, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find many more online tools that are specific to your specialty with a little research. Combined with your passion and dedication, these tools can help you to become the best educator possible. Make sure to do your research and are finding the best sites for your particular needs. And don’t be afraid to add content yourself. With teachers and educators constantly adding material, these sites will continue to grow and become more and more helpful.

Brionna Kennedy-twitterAbout the author: Brionna Kennedy is native to the Pacific Northwest, growing up in Washington, then moving down to Oregon for college. She enjoys writing on fashion and business, but any subject will do, she loves to learn about new topics. When she isn’t writing, she lives for the outdoors. Oregon has been the perfect setting to indulge her love of kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking.


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