Five Ways to Keep Up with Workplace Technology Changes

In this age of constant technological transformation, it is important for every business to stay on top of workplace technology changes. Whatever your field of business, it can be a constant challenge to keep on top of the latest technological innovations and to do so before your competitors do.

1         Determine Your Needs

Sometimes your technological needs are pretty obvious, such as when manufacturing a specific product. But what if you work in a field where the technological needs are just as real but not as obvious? For example, most would not consider an  attorney to be a high-tech profession. However, a law office has many technological needs such as office equipment and telecom consulting needs of all types and computer software. Know what you need so you know what to look for.

2         Monitor the Media

One of the best sources of information about new technology is one that you don’t have to look hard because it comes looking for you. That is advertising, where millions of dollars are spent by technology manufacturers to bring their latest innovations to your attention. In general, media that relates to your type of business are more likely to have ads related to new technology in your field.

3         Surf the Net

You can’t rely solely on advertisers, sometimes you have to go looking for the latest innovations on your own. For that task there is nothing more effective than using internet search engines to guide you to the sites of businesses that sell what you use. The internet is also great at helping you discover new sites and companies that you may never have heard of before.

4         Networking

Sometimes the best way to discover the newest developments is through the old fashioned manner of talking to people. Not surprisingly, the people most likely to tell you about technological subjects that interest you are people who work in areas related to your field.

5         Industry Conferences

The official gatherings of people in your profession are a common place for new technology to be displayed. Trade fairs, conventions and social events of all kinds, if they relate to your field, are almost certain to be a goldmine of info on the latest technological innovations.

Keeping up with workplace technology is a challenge, whether you are in a high-tech field or doing something more abstract. However, by pursuing the sources listed above, it is unlikely that any important innovations will escape your notice.

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