New Knowledge: How Cancer Treatments Are Changing With Technology

New Knowledge How Cancer Treatments are Changing with TechnologyIn recent years there have been many advances in technology that have made medical procedures more effective and this includes cancer treatments. These new treatments have many benefits including reduced treatment time and improved comfort levels in patients. The new treatments have also improved the safety in cancer patients. With these new improved options we are look towards a much better future for cancer patients.

Linear Accelerators
This new technology enables physicians to administer different amounts of radiation in a more precise manner. Physicians use a computerized tool to alter the radiation beam in accordance with patients treatment plans. Physicians are able to control the intensity and shape of the radiation beam to accurately treat the exact size and form of tumors.

TrueBeam Technology
A TrueBeam Linear Accelerator System is one of the newest advancements in radiotherapy technology. TrueBeam is one of the world’s most advanced radiotherapy technologies for treating cancer. It now enables doctors to identify tumors more accurately and can reduce the time of treatment in patients. The benefits of TrueBeam technology have paved the way for new treatment options for a wide-range of cancers such as breast, lung, and stomach cancers.

Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy
With this technology, physicians are able to perform three-dimensional mapping using a CT simulator. With this device, specialists are able to perform simulations at a much faster rate. The average mapping time of a cancer oncologist using this technology is 15-30 minutes, which is faster than the 1-3 hours it takes with traditional simulation machines.

IMRT, also known as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, uses technology that can provide many benefits to patients with many different types of cancer. According to Harrison Medical Center, cancer oncologists to attack cancer cells by using higher doses of radiation, but it also minimizes radiation exposure to healthy cells.

IGRT is Image Guided Radiation Therapy. This technology enables the possibility to effectively control tumors. Physicians use a radiation beam to shape the dimensions of the tumor and administer high doses of radiation without damaging the healthy cells surrounding the tumor.

The Edge
Edge Radiosurgery is a stereotactic radiation therapy and was created by Varian Medical Systems. Currently, the treatment is only available tat Josephine Ford Cancer Center Institute at the Henry Ford Hospital. The Edge is a technology provides patients with advanced and non-evasive cancer treatment. The Edge also offers patients faster treatment by using real-time tumor tracking technology. This advancement in technology allows patients to receive treatment in about 15 minutes.

The use of technology in new cancer treatments can reduce treatment time and offer patients more comfort. The use of technology in new cancer treatment methods is more effective than previous treatment methods, so this technology gives patients an increased chance of winning the battle against cancer.

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