5 Ways to Show Potential Employers You’re a New Media Expert

New media is steadily becoming a larger and larger part of everyday life. Not only is it becoming the primary communication channel for a larger segment of the population, it is also increasingly becoming big business. Advertising dollars and e-commerce opportunities continue to grow on new media platforms, creating new jobs and new ways to make money.

Potential employers are looking for employees that understand new media, and have a knack for bringing in money by using these platforms. If you are looking to break into an industry that uses these kinds of channels, here are a few ways that you can prove to future employers that you are a new age media expert:

Know the Lingo

Perhaps the most important way to demonstrate your familiarity with new media is to speak specific jargon. Understand the meaning to “improve CPA”, “produce viral content”, “build an audience”, “share” or other terms. Each of these terms has metrics as well, so it is important to know what these words mean in quantitative terms. As you are interviewing for jobs, employers will be impressed with your knowledge of industry-specific terms. However, don’t throw out words just to seem smart—it will totally backfire if you don’t truly understand the jargon you are using.

Facebook or LinkedIn Profile

Your Facebook or LinkedIn profile is perhaps the most important testament to your online profile. You must have an active account with a large number of friends or connections. Employers look at these sites first to see how you engage with your personal community. You won’t look like a new media pro if you claim to be an active member of social media, but your accounts display otherwise.

Twitter Account

Your Twitter account is the next most important way to show your social media acumen. You should have a large number of followers, shares, retweets and insightful tweets. Employers will surely glance through your stream to see how you engage publicly with the twitter community. Not only is it important to have experience with your personal account, but if you can display your ability to promote an event, product, or even start a discussion on Twitter, employers will be more impressed.

Other Social Platforms

Besides LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you should be very familiar with at least one other platform. Whether that is Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, SnapChat or a news site like Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post, these sites are leading the way in growing users and creating new channels for revenue growth.

Familiarity with Revenue Models

Lastly, make sure that you are clear about how companies are making money in the new media world. For example, people with large followers sign-up as “affiliates” of products. When they promote the product, the promoter will get a cut of any sale from a purchase that was routed through their link. It is also important to know what advertisers are looking for and why they choose specific sites. Buzzfeed uses embedded content ads that look like news stories that target millennials, for example.

In all, these five methods are just the beginning if you want to demonstrate that you are a social media expert. Research the kinds of media platforms that the company you are interviewing at uses. It is also a good idea to be up to date with changes in new media, and current trends in the industry. If you can show employers both on your resume, online, and in person that you are new-media savvy, you’ll have a better chance of getting hired.

About the author: This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, women’s interests, and technology. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Dixie got advice for this article from professionals who offer a bachelors in communication for students who are interested in electronic mass media.


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