Five Technologies Missing From Your Business

ID-100158826Business technology is always updating, and your business should make efforts to stay ahead of the curve. With the right tools your company can get ahead of the competition and market more effectively to the right people. Here are five technologies missing from your operations that you should make a priority to add.

Trend Mining Software
You may have customer management software, and you may have comment aggregation software. However, the two disciplines have now been combined into trend mining software that gives you a better look at overall trends your business is causing. It makes daily operations easier because of your ability to organize large pieces of data in a small amount of time.

Next-Generation Mobile Commerce
Since 2015, mobile devices created parity in terms of commerce with the PC market. Although commerce on mobile devices will be the same, the resources that mobile devices have to run ads will still be considerably smaller. Your ads must be tailored to the mobile platform, following the next-gen mobile commerce specs rather than PC specs. Next-gen mobile commerce allows you to quickly upgrade your ads to a PC space if they are originally created for the mobile platform.

Social Listening
Social listening techniques allow you to monitor what people say about your business in real time. This is an especially important technique to use around high volume sales events and specials in season. This also helps to see where building up a client and customer base might be most successful.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has now become ingrained enough of a technology to be completely safe, and has been tested by many Fortune 500 companies. All of the security issues have been resolved, and the only reason a company would not incorporate the cloud into its data-stream is because of an internal prejudice against it. In most cases, the cloud is the most cost effective solution for storing data. It also provides better security options and more room for data than most in house storage solutions.

Industrial Warehousing

Your company factory may be churning through a lot of material, but how are you maintaining your equipment? New industrial technology is becoming more available and is helping companies to keep up high production rates with fewer breakdowns and repairs needed. Everything from packaging material and automated packing processes to equipment repairs are becoming easier to manage. Third party companies like Industrial Measurement & Control work to service and repair factory machines and equipment, making your daily operations run smoother and with better quality equipment.

Make sure your business is always looking five years ahead when it comes to the technology it makes use of. The above suggestions are certainly great places to start.

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