5 Basic Tools for a Digital Nomad’s Toolkit

5 Basic Tools for a Digital Nomad’s ToolkitBeing a digital nomad means being constantly on the move. In one year’s time, such a person might as well see all of the continents (some multiple times) and live in more than 10 different countries.

All of this is possible thanks to a flexible job, which allows you to travel and work from anywhere in the world by simply using your awesome tools and an internet connection.

For all of you wondering what can be found within a digital nomad’s arsenal, here is a list of 5 most essential tools every digital nomad must have, which could be you if you decide to live this kind of life.

External Storage Space

Besides using cloud storage, which is a must in a digital nomad’s life, you should get an external storage just in case you find yourself without internet and need to store something. Many great companies sell these at prices ranging from $99 to $500.

One TB of storage drive costs around $100 and it should be enough to cover all of your needs. Keep in mind that you cannot always use the cloud storage as efficiently as you can use the external storage, so do not go anywhere without one.

A Wireless Mouse

This thing is very important. You need a mouse to operate your laptop faster, and it is preferred that you get a wireless mouse. Another reason why you need a mouse is to free your fingers from a laptop’s confinement of using touchpad.

I mean, just trying to edit a video or a photo using a touchpad sounds like a mission impossible within a reasonable time. There are plenty of great wireless types, some of which cost no more than $20.

Local SIM Cards and an Unlocked Smartphone

It is very economical to avoid standard roaming rate and simply buy a local SIM card. You get value for money, and you can still make phone calls to anywhere you want. Another option is unlocking your smartphone.

Simply go to any store and ask them to help you activate the SIM card. Also, you are going to need an unlocked smartphone which can be used anywhere around the world. If your phone is still on contract, you might have a few problems unlocking it so consider getting a new one.

Different companies have different requirements for phone unlocking, and the best way of finding out how to do it is go to a local store or simply check it out online.

USB Battery Charger

If your laptop is working at its full capacity, uploading videos and photos, it might drain the battery faster than you think. Especially if you are at the beach, working under a palm tree, you do not want to be left without battery power.

That is why you need a USB battery charger, which you can plug into your phone or tablet and recharge your laptop battery. Also, this is great if you are living in hostels which have only one or two plugs in the entire room.

Your Personal Laptop

Since your computer will be your only way of communicating with your employers, finding new jobs and finishing current ones, you ought to have the “right one”. Now, choosing one is not simple, for it has to satisfy multiple criteria, such as light weight, easily set up, strong processing core, enough RAM memory (minimum 8 to 12 GB), long lasting battery, and still under a decent price range.

You will be doing a lot of picture and video editing, lots of writing and have many windows and programs open. You might use an online mobile app builder (it can easily create new apps without you having any advanced technical knowledge), for which you will need a processor that is built for both speed and economy. For all of the aforementioned, you do need the right laptop.

Many other important tools are a part of a digital nomad’s arsenal, such as a professional camera, large travelling backpack, travelling map, etc. However, these are the most important ones which are essential for maintain your work and completing most of it.


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