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Thanks for the interest in our Social Web Newsletter! I’m passionate about this area and hope it excites you too. This page is meant to give you a general overview of what to expect.

  • First, you’ll receive a notification of new content posted here at Social Web Q and A. And always, I love to hear what you think, so I encourage you to post a comment on any of our articles or reply to my emails directly.
  • As a graduate student in library and information science, I spend an awful lot of time studying the web and social media. When I come across an amazing project or cool collection of knowledge freely available on the web, I’ll share it through the newsletter.
  • Finally, one of the best parts of the social web is the two-way conversations it facilitates. I’ll also send you periodic tips and advice on creating or growing your own blog or website. This can be completely free, with Blogger or, or you can decide to get your own domain name and hosting.

Don’t worry about getting too much email; we’ll never send more than 2 messages per week. If we publish a lot of posts in a short period of time, we’ll send you a combined digest of new content. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.

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