Our Lix 3D Printing Pen Review: Is It Worth the Money?

We’ve all seen quite a few pens and probably don’t think they’re too exciting. But what about a pen that can “write” to create fully 3D objects? What might not long ago have sounded like some futuristic sci-fi fantasy is now a reality and a hot commodity to boot: the 3D printing pen.

The way it works is actually somewhat simple. They don’t use ink to create, but rather plastic that is extremely hot. After it melts, this plastic is extruded out of the tip of the pen and allows you to create 3D designs in the air or on a table or other surface. These creations harden when the plastic cools down, a process that doesn’t take long. You can use these unique and innovative pens for all sorts of craft or artistic projects, basically anything your mind can come up with (take a look at Pinterest to see what others have already dreamed up). Here at SocialWebQandA we recently outlined a few of the top candidates for the top 3d pen on the market today, with some good options.

Another specific pen to take a look at is the Lix 3D printing pen. It has a certain claim to fame: it’s the smallest 3d pen available.

This ultra-slim design allows you added precision when crafting your 3d creations and also makes it a good fit for the younger generation of 3d artists.

But on the other hand, the smaller pen can be a bit fragile, an issue that can make certain projects more difficult.

The Lix pen was originally a Kickstarter project that really took off and got big funding and publicity. The Lix team was apparently overwhelmed by orders which led to some delays and confusion among backers. It started shipping in late 2015 according to Mashable. Currently on the Lix website, the gadget is currently on presale for $139.95 for an updated version scheduled to ship in November. This bundle will include the pen, an external power adapter, and ABS filament which gives you 40 refills.

Take a closer look and learn more about the Lix pen at the company’s website here (and note that we have no affiliation with them). If you’ve used Lix, what are your thoughts, positive or negative? Do you have another brand that you prefer?


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