The Power of Data

The move to digital is nearly complete in the business world. As more companies continue to roll out online portals for many of their services, the day of digital data is upon us. The companies that collect this data, whether it’s credit card information or medical records, must adhere to strict standards to ensure that customers’ data stays safe as it travels the web to their servers. There are also many other reasons to move to more secure data storage solutions.

Companies still relying on antiquated FTP servers may find themselves in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The United States Chamber of Commerce and Nissan are two notable targets that been humbled by data breaches. Let those serve as cautionary tales for the security of your own data.

Data security solutions have started popping up, offering companies both large and small the opportunity to properly secure and transmit their data. As companies move away from standard FTP servers to MFT, they gain increased data encryption (even while data sits on the server), automated reporting, secure mobile access and more. Some MFT solutions also boast user interfaces, which makes it easier for the less than tech-savvy around us to exchange data.

As the BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, trend continues to take hold in businesses across the world, companies benefit from the decreased costs of providing devices. But they must be wary of potential security issues, as potentially hundreds of uniquely different devices have access to the company’s data. Managed file transfer systems allow you to contact the data each device has access to, placing the control back in the hands of those that must be responsible for it. This also creates another security net in case a device is lost or stolen.

Time is valuable for businesses. Consultants are paid top dollars to help streamline companies to maximize efficiency and move products out the door faster. Luckily, you don’t need a pricey consultant to explain the benefits of switching to a managed file transfer system — all you need is this post.

MFT servers may even allow you to reduce the number of servers you must maintain, eliminating overhead. If you’re to completely eliminate server maintenance, you can also find MFT solutions that are cloud based, freeing up valuable in-office real estate that growing companies need. Don’t be left behind as your competition moves into the digital age. Instead, advance ahead of the pack with an MFT server.


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