What is the Future of the iPad?

The tablet market remains a heated battlefield with dozens of companies looking to carve out their own niche of excited and loyal fans. Often listed as the tablet to which all other tablets are compared, the iPad has remained one of the leading choices with a long list of advanced features that are available today.

As technology moves forward and more companies are conducting research in order to manufacture the next big product, many experts are wondering what the future has in store for the iPad. With only hints about upcoming features and designs, it is important to look to the consumers to see what the new changes may take place and what will stay the same.

Setting the Stage for the Future of the iPad

In order to understand where Apple would like to take the iPad with their new leadership, most will look towards the current market and which features are working as well as which may be left by the wayside. This often begins with the overall size of the iPad, one of the most highly-debated and controversial topics for this expanding industry. Some of the tablets that are now created by Apple’s competition are reaching screen sizes of over 40 inches. As a response, Apple’s most recent option is the iPad Mini with a screen size that is 7.9 inches across.

This has led to the question if the Apple will push these devices to compete with larger products or smaller products and which of these options will give the iPad an edge in the future. If the iPad continues to be a multi-tasking tool that will stream high-definition videos, surf the internet, and use the on-screen keyboard, it may be necessary to create the next generation of iPads as a larger model than the iPad Mini. If they continue the trend of smaller iPads, Apple may quickly find itself competing with a different market of products including larger smartphones, smartphone hybrids, and dedicated eReaders.

Stacking Up Against the Competition

The next component of iPad’s future will come down to the demographic that they are looking to focus on. As Windows claims that it is turning its attention towards the professional market, many are curious as to where Apple would like to place their focus. With the professional market, this would mean an increase in the processing power of these units and a potential increase in the price. An upgraded option would also be ideal for the casual users that would like the iPad to completely or partially take the place of laptops and desktops.

Advanced Features

While basic features such as battery life, processing speeds, and the screen resolution may be important, Apple has been known to shock the world with advanced new technology or adaptations to current technology. These features remain purely speculative, but Apple’s development teams have hinted at a number of advances that could potentially be placed in many of their products. This often begins with a new housing and body that could result in a completely or fully transparent iPad. Other guesses include more advanced voice commands, better facial recognition, fingerprint security, and dramatically reduced weight.

Customers can expect the next generation of iPad products to boast improved specs, but it is the features that Apple may implement that could change the future. In the end, it is these unique changes that could spell success or disaster for the next lineup that Apple will release to the world.

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