8 Smart Uses of Instagram for Students

instagramInstagram is a website that allows users to share photos and videos on its own platform as well as other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Using this online tool, people can distribute audio-visual elements with digital filters. This innovative online tool particularly benefits students who can use it to share information, interact with fellow classmates and even seek feedback from teachers.

Believe it or not, Instagram also offers a wide range of uses that can have considerable educational benefits. So if you are a student and want to know what Instagram has to offer, you must read on.

1.      Improve Language Skills

Students can use Instagram to improve linguistic skills. Using this tool, students can exchange opinions and views on different topics. They can do it by articulating their thoughts into the right words and sentences. Students can also participate in a group activity where each student asks the others to comment on a photo or video. In this way, students can improve their word usage as well as sentence structure skills.

2.      Learn Photography Through iPhoneography

Instagram focuses on iPhoneography which is an art to capture images with an iPhone. This enables the students to learn the nuances of photography that can help them to build their own portfolio of shots for future projects. With this tool, students can learn how to get the most amazing shots with precision.

3.      Develop Emotional Aptitude

Instagram helps students form emotional intelligence to understand their inner feelings, such as fear, motivation and desire. Teachers can conduct a few classroom activities where students can comment on their reactions to a photo or a video clip. By exposing to snaps that show variety of moods students can develop a good sense of emotions.

4.      Build Interpersonal Skills

Instagram promotes interpersonal skills among students. Interpersonal skills are a key element to ensure healthy personal and professional life. With this tool, teachers can engage the students in classroom activities that use interpersonal skills to apprehend the feelings and mood of fellow students. Thanks to Instagram, students can now practice these skills as well.

5.      Share Knowledge

Students can use Instagram to exchange multimedia stuff on a number of social media platforms. This makes it possible for them to exchange knowledge with classmates and teachers. With Instagram, students can maintain a group of network that can share information on a variety of topics. Using this audio/visual medium, students can engage in a two-way communication where they can discuss a subject.

6.      Learn Through Fun

Instagram can also play a crucial role in ensuring educational engagement among students. This online tool invites teachers and students to a single platform where they can engage in various fun activities and engagements. For example, teachers can assign “photo essays” to students that students can produce using a series of snaps along with the comments under each photo.

7.      Enhance Project-Based Learning

Instagram facilitates students with project-based learning process. By using photos of your subject and sharing them with the fellow students, you can get their valuable feedback. Similarly, you can post your comments about snapshots of your classmates.

8.      Learn More in Less Time

Students can use Instagram to enhance their productivity in the classroom. With this smart social media tool, they can get the latest photos and snapshots for their project. By searching the category, they can get all the interactive information regarding a subject. In this way, students can get the maximum output of their efforts in little time.

Instagram has brought in new changes in the way information is exchanged. With this tool, students can get access to any sort of multimedia elements in a matter of seconds. Hopefully these advancements will further ease the life of students thus making them productive both inside and outside the classroom.

About the author – Alisha Ellis is an author and a professional academic writer. She works at Assignment Arena. She also gives career advice to the students who come at the site for essay writing. You can follow her on Facebook.


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