How To Stay Motivated for Blogging

Blogging is a great way to express thoughts, feelings, experiences, advice and more. However, staying motivated to keep blogging is not as easy as what others may think it is.  It is very challenging to deal with a blank page daily and continually write for your audience.

To be able to stay motivated for blogging, here are some helpful strategies.

1. Receiving valuable feedback to keep yourself motivated

  • Respond to comments – Keep in mind that it’s not easy to convince or entice people comment or even share your blog posts. Therefore, it would help if you tend to be a part of that conversation simply by responding to every comment and engaging in, more to that of “thank you”. The goal here is to give other a chance to impart their thoughts and encourage them to share information that you have as well as to engage with you.
  • Get a blogging buddy – Don’t just blog by yourself! It is more interesting and fun to have a blogging support network. This could be in a form of a peer or a buddy who is also fascinated and interested in blogging.  What benefit you could get is that the both of you can assist each other, help out and cheer one another when time comes that either one of you lost the appetite of writing. Also, it’s a good thing to have someone who can check / correct your work and vice versa before posting for a better and quality output.
  • Join a blogging community – creating a community out of blogging is an aid to social development and awareness. Through this, you’ll be able to meet and greet several bloggers with different interests that could also serve as a great ground for learning, sharing and imparting of thoughts.

2. Building good writing habits

  • Show up regularly at the page – it a great advantage indeed. Some writers do this on the same time daily. It’s either during early time of the day before doing other things or during late hours before going to bed. Sticking to daily routine add up to your sense of responsibility.
  • Create a unique blog habit – having a specific ritual or habit like things to do or specific place to be at before getting ready for blog writing somehow serve as inspiration. Like for example, you can easily write blog with a cup of coffee first thing or while writing; or you can do fast blogging when you have a lot of things to see on your surrounding / writing in public/ writing in a new location or  writing when you are alone.
  • Skip the words – this tactic really work for most bloggers by using images and videos in creating content. This creates things not only for you but also for your audience.
  • Take a break from blogging – using this tactic is a smart move. It’s not a new thing to easily fall off the blogging wagon, thus taking a blogging rest is a healthy habit. Everyone is entitled to have a break and so you are, either a day or two or just as you wished.  Never stop in just one day for the reason that you are too exhausted or don’t have ideas.


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