Why the Internet of Things Will Change Daily Life More Than You Realize

It might sound rather fancy, but The Internet of Things is an idea that promises to connect our devices directly to other devices. It will incorporate non-machines into the equation to create an amazing network that Intel estimates to have 200 billion “things” by the year 2020.

This means that the Internet of Things will change our lives in more ways than most people realize at present. Let’s examine some of the ways that these “things” will change our very lives in ways far more dramatic than most people realize.

Communication Between Machines

The most basic change will be rapid communication between machines without the interaction of humans. Your washing machine may be able to communicate with your detergent box to signal that you’re out of soap. Your refrigerator may signal to a delivery service that your milk is about to reach the expiration date. This communication will develop a machine autonomy designed to make the average person’s life considerably easier.

Cheaper Manufacturing

Many of the changes the Internet of Things will bring will behind the proverbial curtain. These changes will dramatically affect the efficiency of manufacturing processes, while allowing products to maintain at the same level of quality. Smart assembly is the idea that will allow “things” to communicate with one another. These manufacturing networks will run more efficiently while machines can oversee the needs of the entire manufacturing network while efficiently resolving any delays.

Combining Hardware and Software Development

Companies that manufactured smart devices such as refrigerators and televisions have seldom done the programming for their own products. They generally have a subsidiary or a department of their company program the software for their hardware. As “things” strive to become more intelligent, however, hardware and software developers will work hand-in-hand. They may merge so they can develop more efficient and reliable “things”.

Revolutionizing Personal Health Care

The Internet of Things also plans to bridge the gap between biology and technology. Wearable devices that monitor a person’s health are just one example of how the Internet of Things will make technology smarter. Another example can be seen in how clothing may become connected to this Internet of Things. Circuitry may become part of the fabric, which in turn will something as simple as a shirt to monitor everything from a person’s respiration to their pulse. They may even one day be smart enough to sense the precursors for major diseases like heart disease or cancer.

The Internet of Things Will Change the World

Given the amazing rate of growth that the concept of the Internet of Things is experiencing, its potential is monumental. The Internet of Things should make life more convenient, efficient, easier and safer by making “things,” ranging from door locks to toasters to thermostats, significantly smarter.

There is little doubt that it will bring significant changes to the very ways that we live our lives. The only thing that is uncertain is what marvels the Internet of Things will produce. That’s up to the engineers, manufacturers and consumers of today to decide.

About the author: This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, women’s interests and technology. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Dixie got advice for this article from professionals who offer an online master’s degree in computer science.


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